Friday, January 9, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong - Pt. 2


As I sat in the car, I wondered how in the hell I had gotten myself into this mess. All I wanted to do was prove to my sister, Suzie, that her fiancĂ© was a cheat. I was exhausted from the sex and blowjobs. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to have that much sex but after four straight hours of getting my pussy pounded and drinking about a gallon of cum, I knew different.

“Bambi, you’re going to love what I have planned for you,” Marty said as he drove me to his house. “After I figured out what you were planning to do, I made sure you, well Tom that is, was going to be on the run and no one would be able to find him. I set it up for the firm security to find out that you took the suit and I embezzled a little cash too. In your name of course.”

I looked at Marty as I stammered, “What the fuck? My life is ruined!” I couldn’t help it as I started crying.

“Don’t look at it like that. You’re just starting in a new direction. I needed a new secretary so I already got you set up for that and I have a whole set of identification documents for you. Well, for Bambi,” he laughed.

We pulled into the garage of a very nice home out in the suburbs. “Bambi, you’ll be happy to know you’ll be staying with me. I have a room all set for you. Just remember I have the alarm on in the house at all times so I’ll know if you try to leave.”

I slowly got out of the car, my entire body aching from the ‘exertion’ earlier in the evening. We walked in and Marty told me to sit on the couch. “Bambi, I’m going to let you in on what you’ve gotten yourself into with that bodysuit. It was the only prototype created. It was never patented because the design was sold to the feds for a ton of cash. The only difference is the prototype you are wearing is permanent. And besides that it has some special features included. If you feel right at the base of your hairline in the back you’ll feel a little bump. This is a microprocessor that is now tapped into your spinal cord. It has limited ability but does give you the natural mannerisms of a woman. Just look at how you’re sitting.”

I glanced down and saw I was sitting with my legs crossed like a woman! “Oh fuck,” I groaned. I thought back to my walk into the house. I was swaying my hips and not having any problems walking in five inch heels. I even remembered smoothing my short skirt before I sat down.

Marty continued, “The really fun thing is that the microchip also controls the biomatrix of the suit. Now I don’t understand how it does it but it can make changes to the suit. I have a remote that will allow me to change your bodyshape, hair color, length, skin tone. I can pretty much make you look like any woman I want. But you’ll never be a real man again.”

He must have noticed my disbelief. Even after all that happened, that seemed a bit much.

“Here I’ll show you,” he said as he pulled out some kind of controller. It looked like an iPhone. “Oh it just looks like that so people don’t know what it is.” He punched the pad a couple times. “Ok, now look in the mirror.”

I looked up and gasped as I was now looking at an entirely different woman. I was still wearing the lingerie and sheer shirt they gave me after the party but I looked completely different. I was now staring at a brunette with a little bit darker skin. My makeup was even different. “Oh my god,” I whispered.

Marty stood up and started walking out of the room, “Your bedroom is over there. You’ll find plenty of clothes. I bought them with the money you embezzled.” He started laughing and said, “Oh one other thing. In case you’re wondering why you were so willing to do everything tonight, the chip also stimulated a special area of your brain. You’re now a bit of a nympho. Good night!”

I stood there in shock as it all sank in. I slowly walked to the bedroom and lay down. I just couldn’t handle any more and fell asleep almost instantly.


“Morning sleepyhead.”

I slowly stirred. As I opened my eyes I realized I didn’t recognize the room I was in
. Then I saw a man next to my bed. A naked man. “Shit! Marty!” I said as I popped up. I immediately noticed he had quite the erect cock. I felt a rush of energy through my body as my eyes locked on his dick. I swallowed deeply as I felt urges ramping up from deep inside me.

“Go ahead Bambi, I know this is what you want.”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a new reflection in the mirror. I was again a blonde. Not quite the same as before but still beautiful and ready to fuck. I watched the
woman in the mirror as she slid her hands up her sides, slowly cupping each full breast. I couldn’t help myself as I reached for his cock. He slipped behind me on the bed before I could go down on him, frustrating me and yet horrifying me. I gasped as he roughly grabbed my breasts. Squeezing them almost to the point of pain but only coming through as massive pleasure. I could feel my pussy moistening, responding strongly to his attention to my breasts.

He lay down on the bed, slowly guiding me down his body until I was facing his hard dick. “Get to work Bambi,” he said.

With no hesitation, I leaned in and started licking his cock. I slowly ran my tongue up the underside while I gently tickled his heavy balls. When I got to the head of his dick, I opened wide and engulfed it with my wet mouth. I lowered my head slowly, taking his dick deep into my mouth. It must be a feature of the bodysuit but I had not gag reflex as my lips touched his pelvis. I began to bob faster on his cock, trying to milk the creamy goodness from it.

“Whoa! Slow down Bambi. I need to fuck you first!” Marty said as he pulled me off his dick. I turned around until my slit was hovering over his rigid cock. “Go ahead baby. Sit on me”

I bit my lip as I gently tickled my clit with his love rod. I could feel my first orgasm of the day approaching as Marty bucked his hips, pushing his cock in me a little bit. I couldn’t take it any more and sank onto his hard dick. I immediately began an intense orgasm.

My screams filled the room as I bounced on hi
s hot pole. I could feel my pussy spasm as my body tensed. “Fuck me hard! Make you your whore baby!” I heard myself scream. There was no thought of my life as Tom as Marty sat up, pushing me onto my hands and knees.

Without his cock ever leaving my pussy, Marty began fucking me doggy style. I was rocking back and forth, meeting every one of his thrusts, trying to get his dick deep inside me. “Cum in me! I want you to pump your load deep in me!” I couldn’t stop myself from sounding like some desperate whore.

“Not this time baby,” Marty said as he pulled out of me. “I’m shooting this all over you Bambi.” I fell down from
exhaustion as Marty stroked his dick over me. It only took a couple times and he started shooting his cum on my face and breasts.

I felt myself lay back on the bed as Marty got up. “Don’t lay there too long Bambi. We’re going to the casino later and you better be ready.”

I watched him walk out of my room as I absentmindedly caressed his cum into me. I was overwhelmed with a content feeling. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help but feel very good about what happened.

Then I suddenly remembered how I got here and why. That asshole Brad was still planning on marrying my sister. I only have a week to do something to stop it. My mind was clearing a bit as I tried to think of a plan. But first I better get ready to go out.