Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Hungry Games

Well after an abnormally long absence I've found the time to put together another story.  I'm a fan of The Hunger Games and thought I'd give a shot at some fan fiction with a little TG twist.  You can find the story here.  It's the same page as The Big Easy so enjoy both if you haven't read that one yet.  So anyhow, enjoy!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Big Easy

Well everyone I'm back with another story.  I'm trying to make it a bit easier to read so I have it as a downloadable .doc file or as a downloadable webpage.  A recent trip to New Orleans was the inspiration.  It's the story of a guy who has a bit too much to drink and the consequences when he runs into the wrong woman.  I hope you like!  Find the story here.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong - pt. 6

After my first day of work I was just exhausted. I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of day at work before. Of course this was the first time I’d been to work as a horny slut that gets fucked hard by her boss. How things can change in just a few days. I got back to Marty’s place and just crashed. I was sound asleep when he got home and he was nice enough to just let me sleep. I woke up the next day to the invigorating smell of fresh coffee being brewed. I slowly slipped out of bed and made my way to the kitchen to find Marty sitting at the table drinking his coffee.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” he said with a huge smile. “Have a seat. Try some coffee. It’s a new blend I just picked up.”

Unsure of Marty’s intentions, I slowly took the seat across from him. “Umm, good morning Marty,” I offered. “How are you this morning?”

“I’m doing fabulous beautiful!” he beamed. “I was so energized after our little session at work yesterday I blew them away at our negotiations and got my client an awesome deal. Plus I made the firm a ton of cash too. All thanks to you.”

I knew he had a meeting with some high paying clients after our little fun time and if things worked out in our favor Marty would be getting the inside track to a partner position.

“Marty that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you!” I exclaimed. Then I caught myself. I should be pissed for everything that has happened to me but I actually did feel that he was the best person for the next partner. And he’s been so nice to me lately.

“Shit!” I mumbled to myself as I realized what I was thinking. I realized, for some unexplainable reason, I found myself liking Marty.

Marty gave me a funny look but let my comment go. “I’m going golfing with the senior partners today so I’m not going to be at the office. I do need you to go in and keep things going, mostly just answer the phone. Oh and Cindy needed to go over some employment paperwork with you too,” he instructed me. “You better get going Bambi, the cab is going to be here shortly.”

I took my coffee with me as I hurried back to my room to get ready. As I reached my door I felt the now familiar tingle run over my body. I quickly went to the mirror to see what I now looked like. I slowly smiled as I saw another hottie staring back. I was pretty similar to what I looked like yesterday but a little different. I guess that’s to keep things fresh for Marty.

I heard the taxi honk his horn as I minced my way out of my bedroom. I never realized how hard it is to run in heels and a short skirt.

Marty was waiting for me at the front door. He caught me just as I was opening the door.

“Have fun today sweetie,” he said as he quickly gave me a kiss on the lips.

I was caught very off guard by such an intimate gesture by him. I found myself giving in as I passionately returned the kiss.

“Maybe later hun,” Marty said as he broke the kiss. “You need to get going.”

I almost fell backwards as he let me go. “Umm you… Ah ok. I’ll see you later,” I stammered.

I gathered myself and walked quickly out the door to the cab. My mind was spinning as I gave the cabbie the address for work. The drive seemed very short as I thought about the morning. If I was someone looking in from the outside at those events, I would think it was a normal loving domestic relationship.

“Keep it together girl,” I whispered to myself as the driver announced we’d arrived. “Shit stop doing that!”

As I walked up to the office I couldn’t help wondering how much of this was a result of the suit and how much was actually me.

I snapped out of my little bubble as I saw Cindy smile at me from behind the reception desk.

“Good morning sunshine!” she giggled. “You look a little different today Bambi. Did you do something with your hair?”

“Oh yeah, it’s something new.” Not the most original explanation but it would have to do.

“I’m going to have to talk to Marty about how much he can change me when I’m going to work,” I thought.

“Bambi, I need to bring some paperwork for you to fill out. I know, more paperwork but hey, we will get to hang out for a while,” Cindy said with a sly little smirk.

“I’d love that Cindy. Marty’s not going to be in today so I’ll just be answering phones in his office.”

“Sounds good B,” she said. “I’ll see you later then.”

I made it to Marty’s office without running into anyone else. I still felt so out of place in my new body but luckily I was in a place that I knew well. I’d hate to not have any idea what was going on, it’s hard enough being a woman.

It was actually kind of boring being Marty’s assistant when he’s not around. I answered the few phone calls but it seemed most people knew he was gone so I wasn’t bothered much. I did have lunch brought in so I wouldn’t have to see anyone. Right after lunch, Cindy knocked on the door and came in.

“Hey B. I didn’t see you go to lunch,” she said as she walked over to the desk.

“I had stuff to do here so I just ordered in,” I said as I leaned back and stretched in my chair. I didn’t realize it up stretching like that pushed my breasts out, straining my blouse. Cindy’s eyes immediately went to my chest as I quickly put my arms down. “Umm, just a little stiff from sitting here.”

“Oh I can understand,” she said as she came up next to me and handed me some papers. “Here’s the other paperwork you need to fill out.”

I glanced at the paperwork as Cindy leaned over next to me. I could feel her breast touch my shoulder as she pointed to one of the pages. My heart immediately went into overdrive as she moved over and sat on Marty’s desk. I glanced over to her and caught sight of her full breasts in her low cut blouse. My breathing quickened as I felt her reach over and gently caress my face. I looked up at Cindy’s beautiful face to see her staring directly at me.

“B,” she said in a sultry voice. “I locked to door on the way in.”

I didn’t know what to do as she slowly leaned down and planted a passionate kiss on my full lips. If my mind was confused, my body didn’t know it as it responded on it’s own, returning the kiss with equal passion.

Cindy, still sitting on the desk, pulled back from the kiss and gave me a sly look. She reached down and started unbuttoning my blouse, pulling it out to give herself a good look at my own breasts. “Oh B, you don’t understand how I’ve wanted to do this,” she whispered in her sexy voice. “I’ve wanted you ever since I first saw you.”

I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there with my heart and mind racing. It was as if I couldn’t get my body to respond. Luckily Cindy knew exactly what to do. She slowly stood and moved to my side where she continued to undress me. I could feel my body becoming even more aroused. The now familiar wetness was starting between my legs as Cindy slipped her hand into my bra and gently rubbed my engorged nipple.

Cindy stopped suddenly and stepped back in front of me. The vixen then gave me that wicked smile again as she unbuttoned her blouse. Soon it was off and I was looking at a blonde goddess in her bra. I couldn’t stop myself as I leaned forward and started unzipping her pants. She moved again, teasing me with her sexy body as she slipped beside me.

Again we kissed, the passion filling my body as a soft moan escaped my lips. He tongue danced inside my mouth as the kiss went on and on. I gasped when I felt her hand slipping between my legs. Reflexively my legs spread to give Cindy unfettered access to my slick pussy. Her fingers danced up my inner thigh as our kiss grew deeper, her tongue now deep in my mouth. Then her hand struck home. I let out a loud moan as her fingers finally touched my hot slit.

Cindy broke the kiss as she positioned herself in front of me. She moved so her legs were straddling mine, her knee rubbing the inside of my thigh where her hand had been moments before. I quickly pulled my shirt the rest of the way off as she dropped hers. I was still sitting so I was able to pull down her bra and begin my own assault on her breasts. Her full breast filled my mouth as my tongue slipped over her stiff nipple. At the same time my hands were frantically trying to finish unzipping her pants. Soon Cindy’s pants were on the floor and I quickly lost my skirt and panties. Within seconds we were both naked.

We found ourselves on Marty’s desk in no time. My mind was spinning as I lay on my back with this gorgeous creature between my legs. She planted another sensual kiss on my lips and then began the long journey down my body. Cindy made sure to not leave any part of my body unattended as she slathered my breasts, sides, arms, tummy, belly button and hips with kisses. After what seemed like an eternity she reached her goal as her stiff tongue began its work on my pussy. As soon as her tongue touched my clit, I exploded in the most amazing orgasm in my short time as a woman. And Cindy wasn’t even close to being done. Her tongue continued down and soon was lapping at my dripping slit. I soon lost track of time and space as orgasm after orgasm shook my body.

Cindy finally relented and gave me a short break as she kissed her way back up my body. In short order, she had positioned her own wet pussy right above my head. I eagerly returned the pleasure she had just bestowed on me. My tongue mimicked the motions Cindy had just taught me. Even in my dreamlike state, I must have learned something since Cindy was soon moaning loudly as her own orgasm shook her body.

After some time, it could have been an hour or a day for all I knew, we both lay exhausted on Marty’s couch. “My god B, that was even better than I imagined it,” Cindy whispered quietly. “I don’t think I’ve ever had that many orgasms!”

“I agree Cindy. I’ve never had that intense of an experience,” I responded. “My mind and body are jello.”

We both giggled as we sat up.

“SHIT! I have to get back to my desk!” Cindy laughed as she looked at the clock. “I hope no one’s been looking for me”

Before we got up, I couldn’t help but reach around Cindy’s waist and pull her in for one more kiss.

I could hear Cindy’s breathing increase when she suddenly broke away.

“Damn it B! Are trying to get me fired?” she laughed as she got up and started to get dressed.

“Maybe, then I could have you anytime!” I laughed.

Cindy quickly put her clothes back on as I did the same. I could have never imagined that sex could be so passionate. As a man it always was centered around getting my rocks off and so far as a woman, it had been about the guy and luckily (luckily?) this body responds quite readily to stimulation and I’ve had plenty of orgasms too. But this… this was something on a different level entirely. Maybe it’s a woman’s intimate knowledge of what it takes to completely satisfy herself that leads to such a beautiful experience. Whatever it was I know this was something special. Although Marty has been getting pretty close too.

“Jesus,” I whispered to myself as Cindy gave me a little wave as she walked out the door. “I don’t know what to do. I want to be a man again but I know it will never happen. But this is so wrong! How can I actually be enjoying this?”

I sat at my desk for hours thinking about all the conflicting feelings running through my head. I couldn’t deny that I was beginning to have feelings towards Marty. He had never really been bad to me this whole time and had actually been quite loving towards me the last couple days. Then there was Cindy. I couldn’t believe the explosion of passion we experienced. I had an awesome time but I think that my feelings towards her fell more into the lust category rather than the strengthening connection I’m feeling towards Marty. Then there is Suzi. I know I need to come up with some way to get her to not marry that asshole Brad. I only have a few days to stop the wedding but I just cannot reveal myself to her yet.

I didn’t get any work done the rest of the afternoon as I worked on a plan. At five I slipped past the reception desk when Cindy wasn’t there and jumped in the taxi to head home (home?) to Marty. I found myself looking forward to seeing him and finding out where he stands in this.

“And see if he has any energy left after his golf,” I thought as wicked thoughts popped into my mind.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong - Pt. 5


I rolled over, slowly being waken by the soft tone of an alarm, to find that my situation hadn’t changed. I looked at the room, the same room I’ve been sequestered in for the last three days now. The only times I’ve been out have all ended with me sucking and fucking I don’t even know how many different men. I sighed to myself, resigned to my fate which was going to get even worse today. Today, Marty was making me go back to my old workplace as his secretary. I got out of bed and looked into the mirror to see who I was today.

“At least I have to give it to Marty,” I thought as I looked at the gorgeous strawberry blonde staring back at me. “He definitely has good taste.”

I put on a robe and quietly walked into the kitchen. I noticed there was no noise in the house. As I went to open the refrigerator, I saw a note on the door.

‘Bambi, I had to go to work early today. But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you starting as my secretary. The cab will be here to pick you at exactly 8:00. You are to report to the HR office to begin your orientation. Come see me as soon as you get time. Marty’

“Oh my god! He left me alone!” Excitement filled my sexy body as I thought how I could just take off and get out of this nightmare. A smile crossed my face at the thought of freedom. A opened the door to the fridge and my smile quickly faded as I saw another note.

‘PS Bambi, don’t forget I have all the photos and video of your exploits. Don’t get any ideas unless you want your family to know.’

I had gotten so excited about getting away that I had forgotten about that. “Shit, I better get dressed and get going,” I quietly said, suddenly not hungry at all.

Marty had left me an outfit to wear to work. I gasped as I saw the short black dress he wanted me to wear. I quickly dressed and looked out the window just as the cab arrived.

The cabbie checked me out the whole way out to the car and continued in the rearview mirror during the trip. He never said a word as he pulled up to the office and let me out. I tried to pull the dress down as far as I could as I shuffled into the building.

I tried to keep my head high as I walked up to the front desk. Cindy was there as usual. I had the biggest crush on her but never had the nerve to ask her out. She was just gorgeous but I suspected she only worked there in the hopes of landing one of the partners as a sugar daddy. Even now I could feel a warmth spreading below my waist. I tried to compose myself as I stopped to check in with her.

“Hi Cindy, I’m Bambi and I’m starting today as Mr. Jackson’s secretary.”

She kind of looked at me funny. “Hi Bambi. Do I know you?” she asked.

“Ahh no. I’m new today,” I told her as my pulse quickened.

“Well I forgot my nametag today and I wasn’t sure how you knew me.”

“Oh ahh, Mr. Jackson told me your name,” I stammered. I’m really going to have to watch it. I don’t want to give myself away.

“Oh, ok. Well it’s nice to meet you. Please report to the HR department. It’s the third door down the hall on the left,” she said as she gave me a sly smile. “I hope we can maybe have lunch when you get settled.”

I felt my face flush a little. “Ahh, that would be nice. I’ll look forward to it,” I managed.

I started down the hall not sure what just happened with Cindy.

After three hours of filling out forms and trying not to mess up I was able to get to Marty’s office.

“So Bambi, what do you think of the office so far?” he laughed.

“Marty, I hate this. When are you going to just let me go?”

He just ignored my question. “Why don’t you lock the door and come over here.”

I did as he said and shook my ass as I strutted over and sat on the edge of his desk.

Marty sat back down at his desk.

“I’m sure you know you’ll be doing a bit more than a normal secretary for me,” he said as he ran his hand up my leg. “Damn I really like how you turned out today. Here, let me show you.”

He took my hand into his and placed it on his growing cock. “See what I mean?”

I could feel my pussy getting wet as he pulled my closer. “I think a little dicktation is in order.”

“Marty, I hate how you do this to me,” I moaned quietly as I lifted my leg onto his
desk. “But I just can’t stop myself.”

“Why don’t you just relax and try to enjoy it. Maybe this will help,” he said as he picked me up and pushed me back on his desk.

Marty slipped my wet panties off as I lifted my leg to give him access to my pussy. I thought he wanted a quick fuck but was shocked at what happened next.

Marty started kissing my leg. Starting slowly with my calf and working his way higher he was soon making me shiver with his attention to my thigh. I just closed my eyes as waves of pleasure passed over me. Suddenly he moved up again and his lips made contact with my clitoris. I immediately orgasmed as his tongue found my

“Oh FUCK!! Keep licking me baby! Oh oh oh OH OH,” I moaned as the pleasure overwhelmed my body. Even through the intense pleasure I was shocked that he would actually take the time to suck on my little pussy. This was a totally unexpected but very welcome change from our past encounters.

I seemed to be on autopilot as I slipped from Marty’s desk and knelt in front of him. He didn’t even have to say anything as I pulled his fat cock from his pants. I looked
right up into his eyes as I gently licked the underside of his dick.

“Take it Bambi. Suck on my cock,” Marty moaned. “Lube me up so I can fuck that hot pussy of yours.”

I just smiled as I lowered my mouth on his familiar cock. My mouth was watering heavily as my saliva built up on his dick.

Without a word, Marty pulled me up from my knees and gently turned me around. I was facing his desk and felt a soft hand on my back, pushing me over at the waist. I looked back at him and smiled as I saw him lining up his hard dick with my waiting pussy.

I couldn’t believe it but I really wanted this to happen. Marty had already given me
two strong orgasms and I actually wanted to feel him deep in my pussy. I didn’t even give him time to push into me. I leaned back quickly and felt his cock slip effortless into me. The now familiar full feeling overwhelmed me as my pussy began to contract on his love rod. I concentrated on his beautiful dick, feeling each vein as he continued to thrust into me.

Marty suddenly pulled out. I pouted at him as he picked me up. My feeling of emptiness was soon gone as he pulled me close. I was shocked as he easily lifted me up. I was face to face with Marty as he gently lowered me onto his steel pole. The moan that escaped my lips was one of pure bliss. I’ve never felt so alive in my life. I began to bounce on his cock and then did something I never thought would happen. I grabbed Marty by the head and gave him the most amazing, sensual kiss I’d ever been a part of.

I snaked my tongue deep into his mouth as I felt another orgasm begin to build. I was then surprised again as Marty returned the favor by invading my mouth with his sweet tongue.

He gently pulled back and looked me deep into my eyes for a second. Then he smiled. “Bambi, I need you to finish me with your mouth, baby.”

I quickly gave Marty another deep kiss. “Whatever you like sweetie. You’re amazing!” I gasped.

He gently slid me off his cock and I was on my knees in a flash. I didn’t hesitate as I plunged his dick into my mouth. I could taste my own pussy juices mixed with his sweet precum. I attacked his cock like a madwoman. I bobbed up and down as I reached under him and tickled his balls. I buried my nose in his pubic hair as I took
his cock deep down my throat. I could feel his dick begin to pulse in my throat and pulled back to look up at him as he shot his cum all over my beautiful face.

We both sat back on Marty’s couch in silence. I looked over at him and caught him staring at me with an entirely new look. He quickly looked away and started talking.

“Ahh Bambi, I think you’ve probably done enough work today. I’m going to call you a cab to take you home,” he said quietly. “Why don’t you go and take a break. Maybe take a nice long bath. Go ahead and use whatever you need there.”

I was a bit taken back at his display of kindness. “Oh, sure Marty. If that’s what you want. I guess I’ll see you later then?”

“I’m going to be here late tonight. So just take it easy, maybe watch a movie or something. I’ll be home later.”

I went into Marty’s private bathroom and quickly freshened up. Which I found was a lot harder than it sounds when you have a face full of cum.

Marty was at the door when I went to leave his office. Right before I walked out I was shocked when he gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. “Bye Bambi. I’ll see you at home.”

“Ahh, ok Marty,” was all I could manage. This day was getting stranger and stranger.

I quickly made my way to the front of the office and was just about to the door when I heard someone talking to me.

“Taking off already Bambi? I hope you’re not quitting!” Cindy said from her desk.

“Oh no, Mr. Jackson is letting me go home early. Don’t worry I’ll be back.”

“Whew! I’m still looking forward to that lunch hun!” she said as she gave me a wink.

“Ok, see you tomorrow,” I gave Cindy a little wave as I walked out the door. I had this funny feeling she was watching my ass as I pushed my way out. I got into the waiting cab and wondered what could possibly be next.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong - Pt. 4


I don’t really remember getting home again. It seems I become almost delirious after a lot of sex. I’m not sure but I recall someone, it must have been Marty, getting me ready for bed and then it was all black. I awoke Sunday morning sometime to some noises in the kitchen. I slowly sat up as my senses kicked back in. I didn’t feel too bad considering what I’ve been through. I did notice I seemed to be in a new body again. It seems as though a new body rejuvenates me and I’m good as new.

I gently slipped out of bed and glanced in the mirror to see who I’d become. Staring back at me was a beautiful you blonde. “Marty seems to have a thing for blondes,” I whispered in my sexy voice. “I guess I just as well see what’s going on.”

I left what was becoming my comfort zone and headed into the lion’s den. As I gingerly tiptoed into the kitchen, I saw Marty getting breakfast ready. He turned and dropped his pan as he saw me.

“Shit Bambi!” he exclaimed. “Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

He then gave me the once over. “But looking very fine this morning, I must say,” he said as he smiled at me.

“Bambi, we’re taking it easy today. I think we’ve both earned it. I’m going to make some breakfast and then we’ll be hanging out here. Remember, we both have to go to work tomorrow,” he laughed.

Any joy I might have felt about staying in today evaporated with the thought of going back to my old firm as Marty’s


Marty must have noticed this, “Hey babe, don’t worry. It’s not like anyone is going to recognize you. Brad and me are the only ones who know about you. I have to keep an eye on you somehow. This just seemed like the best way.”

“I know that but this is just so wrong. I don’t deserve this,” I quietly said as I sat down.

“You’re the one who got into this mess. Using a bodysuit you don’t know anything about. You could always just tell Suzie what happened,” Marty said. “Oh and I can get her copies of the pictures too.”

I cringed at the thought of my family seeing what I’d become. There must still be a way to get myself out of this and get back at Brad. I just picked at the breakfast Marty gave me as I tried to come up with a way out of this mess.

Marty got up and started picking up the dishes, “We’re just going to watch some movies this afternoon. Why don’t you go change into the outfit I laid out for you and come back into the living room.”

I didn’t say anything. I just got up and went to see what he’d picked out. Something sexy I’m sure. I got to my bedroom and sure enough there was a sexy lingerie set laid out for me. A hot little number consisting of black panties, black garter belt, a little sheer skirt and black stockings with a hot pink bustier to go with it. Oh and some sexy stilettos to go with it. I just sighed as I got dressed. No use making a bit deal about it. At least we weren’t going anywhere.

When I made it back to the living room, Marty had the lights dimmed and the movie ready to go. “Oh I really like that. Come here sexy and sit next to me,” he laughed. I quickly walked over and sat gently down next to him on the couch.

“What are we watching?” I offered.

“I want a bit of action and body parts flying so it’s the classic ‘Full Metal Jacket’ for us today baby.”

I thought with the way he had me dressed it would be something romantic and he’d end up fucking me all afternoon. I breathed a sigh of relief. “Maybe not. At least I like that movie too.”

After the movie started, I kind of snuggled up to Marty without thinking. It’s a violent movie and in my current state seemed pretty natural. I was actually enjoying our time together. Then the movie got to the point where the soldiers were going to the Vietnamese prostitutes. I felt a tingle go through my body and thought, “Oh no! Now what?”

I looked up at Marty, “Rut are ru dooring?” My hand shot to my mouth “What the fuck?” I thought. “Maree me no ronger speak Engrish good!” I exclaimed with a horrendous Asian accent.

“But the rest of you is looking very good,” Marty said as he checked out my new form.

I stood and looked into the mirror across the room. I was no longer the sexy blonde. He had transformed me into a very hot Asian woman.

Marty stood next to me and began to kiss my neck. “Maree! Wry are ru dooring wris?” I demanded.

“Come on baby, I just want you to love me long time,” he laughed as he started pushing my top down.

“Me ruv you rong time?” I repeated as once again my body started reacting. Resisting any attempts on my part to keep control, my breathing became more intense as Marty worked his way down my body. He then slowly pushed my head down. My body was in control as my little hands opened his pants and pulled out his monster cock.

“Me suck ru rong time,” I whispered as I lowered my mouth to his fat dick. I quickly slipped his penis into my wet mouth.

It seemed as though the more dick I sucked the easier it became. I didn’t even think about it as I bobbed up and down, actually savoring the pungent taste of his precum.

I could feel his dick tense up a bit. “Mmmm, not much more and I can drink his cum,” I smiled, doubling my efforts.

“Hang on there Bambi. I want to fuck your Asian pussy too!”

I was disappointed as he pulled his cock from my mouth and sat down on the couch. Without any prompting by Marty, I straddled his cock and slowly lowered myself. The immediate pleasure of his dick parting my lips sent me over the edge. I couldn’t take it as I began to orgasm. My legs lost their strength as I dropped down on his thick cock. The sudden fullness caused my orgasm to start anew as Marty began to thrust repeatedly. He grabbed my hips and helped me bounce on his lovepole.

“Fook me hard Maree!” I heard myself scream. “Crum in me! Fook harder!” I had lost complete control over myself. I was the Vietnamese whore from the movie. All I could think was to get Marty to cum in me. I wanted his cum more than anything I’d ever wanted before.

Marty grabbed my hips and rolled me to my side. He continued to pound me deep and hard from behind. “Fook Fook Fook!” was all I could hear myself saying.

“Bambi, I’m going to cum in you deep baby!” Marty whispered in my ear.

“Prease Maree, Prease crum in me!” I gasped as another orgasm struck me.

I heard a grunt from Marty and I felt his cock spasm deep in me. I clamped down on him as my pussy tried to milk every last drop from his hard dick.

We lay there for a minute as we caught our breath. “Rank ru, Maree. Me ruv ru rong time,” I giggled.

“No thank you baby,” he said as he slipped his limp cock from me. “I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see you in a bit.” He then got up and left the room, taking the control with him.

I continued to lie on the couch, gently caressing my nipple, not really thinking of anything when I bolted upright.

“What the fuck just happened?” my mind screamed. “He just fucked the hell out of me and I thanked him? Oh god what’s happening to me?” My mind raced as I thought back to our encounter. I remember actually wanting him to fuck me and thinking that I wanted to taste his cum.

“I’m becoming Bambi and I can’t stop it,” I whispered as a tear slid down my cheek.

I slowly stood and started walking numbly back to my room. I had made it about ten steps when I felt myself change again.

I heard Marty yell from his room, “There you go! Now get used to it. That’s how you’re going to work tomorrow!”

I quickly ran to my room to see who I was now.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong - Part 3


I must have fallen asleep for a little bit. The next thing I remember was Marty coming into the room waking me up. “Come on Bambi, get your ass in gear! Tonight’s casino night and you’re coming with.”

“Marty, do I have to go? Haven’t you punished me enough.” I couldn’t help myself and I started to cry. I was very surprised when Marty sat down next to me an actually comforted me.

“Bambi, I know you’ve had a pretty rough couple days. This is just something the guys do every week. You’re just a little bit of a bonus. I promise you will enjoy yourself. You’re going to be around here for a long time so I want you to be happy too.”

I was a bit stunned with this unexpected display of kindness from Marty. He always seemed like a cool guy at work even though I didn’t hang out with his crowd. Or I guess Tom didn’t hang out with him. I got myself to stop crying and stood up when I had a thought, “Maybe I can try using him to get back at Brad. I’ve seen women get a man under her control before, maybe I can get him to actually fall for me.” A smile crossed my face as I looked at Marty. “Ok, what do you want me to wear tonight honey?”

Marty smiled back and said, “You’re going to be working one of the tables for me. It’s a private table in the back of a members only casino. Some of my buddies do this as a little side business. Not really legal but it brings in a lot of cash. You’re going to be a little bonus for one lucky high roller tonight.”

I kept smiling as I shuddered inside. “God he’s going to treat me like a whore again. Just remember Suzie,” I thought.

“Here’s a little dealers outfit for you. Hurry up and change. We’re leaving soon.” Marty pulled out the control, “Oh and I think red tonight.” He pushed a couple buttons and I felt little changes all over my body. With that he left the room.

I walked into the bathroom to get ready and was surprised to see a stunning redhead staring back at me. I just couldn’t get over how easy it is to completely change me. After a couple minutes staring at myself I realized I need to get moving and quickly changed into the cute dealer outfit.

“It’s about time. But you do look very nice,” Marty said. “Let’s get in the car. We’re running late.”

As we walked out to his car, I was very aware of every click of my heels and the sexy sway of my hips. I couldn’t stop acting like this even if I tried. When he opened the door for me, I backed into the seat and swung my legs in like I’d been a woman forever. Amazing.

“When we get there, I’m going to drop you off at the back and Tony will escort you to your room. Just stay in there until someone comes in for a game.”

“But I don’t know how to deal cards,” I said.

Marty just laughed, “I don’t thing that’s going to be a problem!”

Marty pulled up to a plain steel door behind a brick building. A very large man opened it and escorted me inside. I followed him to another plain door. He led me through into a room that was set up for some kind of gambling. I really didn’t know what game it was, I had never been a gambler. “Sit your cute ass down baby. Just wait for the gents to come in.”

With that Tony left and I was alone in the room. I took a deep breath and repeated in my head, “Suzie. This is about Suzie.”

There were no clocks in the room so I had no idea how long it had been when a man finally came through the door.

“I’m here about a private game,” he said as he sat a drink down on the table. “A little drink first, honey?”

“Thank you sir,” I said politely. I took the glass and quickly drained it.

“Ah, I like ones that can knock one back,” he laughed. “Now let’s see what we’re ‘dealing’ with.”

The man circled behind me as I slowly stripped off my white shirt. My red bustier had nothing covering my breasts and they were exposed for him. He knelt down behind me and tugged at my black skirt. “Very nice. Very nice indeed,” he whispered.

I could feel my body starting to quickly heat up from the man touching me. My breath quickened as his hands caressed by body. He stood again, reaching around me and roughly squeezing my nipples. I tried to hold back but I could already feel an orgasm coming on fast. This body was just made for sex and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He spun me around and gave me a hard kiss. I was actually shocked by the kiss. I realized that even though I had been fucked over and over, no one has actually kissed me. I quickly returned the kiss as a ferocious passion took over my body. Our tongues were soon dancing inside my mouth. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I grabbed the man’s head to kiss him harder. He eventually broke the kiss, “Baby let’s get this going. I’ve been lucky all night. Now it’s your turn.”

He easily picked me up and put me on the roulette table. I quickly unbuckled his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. I looked up at him as I licked the head of his penis. A smile crossed his face as I dove down on his love pole. I was so taken by sucking on his dick that I jumped when I felt his hand on my ass. He had leaned over me and was now gently slipping his finger into my wet pussy. I paused for a second and groaned as his finger launched me into my first orgasm of the evening.

“Marty said you were a hot one but damn, this is crazy!” he said. “Now it’s my turn.”

With that he turned me around and laid me on my back on the table. I watched intently as he lined up his fat dick with me and slowly pushed. A loud moan filled the room as the head of his penis popped into me. I was shocked to realize how much I missed the full feeling of having a cock in me. I found myself scooting down the table towards him to get it in faster.

“Whoa baby! Just hang on, I got it,” he laughed.

He grabbed my knees and spread me wide as he rammed his dick deep into me. I felt my pussy grasp his cock as I had another orgasm, intense waves of pleasure washing over my body.

“Get ready baby, I’ve got a full load ready for you!” he shouted.

The pounding increased in intensity and I could tell by his face he was ready to cum. I could feel his dick inside me contracting as he began to pump his cum deep in my pussy. The strange and wonderful feeling of being filled caused another orgasm in me. He must have been saving it up because he came and came in me.

I finally slumped on the table, limp from the workout. He just stood there for a minute as I felt his dick retreating. I felt the emptiness return as his limp cock slipped from my full pussy. I was soon aware of the foreign feeling of cum dripping from me.

He quickly put his clothes on. “Oh I definitely hit the jackpot with you. I can’t wait for next time!” he said as he walked out.

I was quite tired and must have fallen asleep. I recall being carried, something in a car and then I was in bed. It was pretty much a blur.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong - Pt. 2


As I sat in the car, I wondered how in the hell I had gotten myself into this mess. All I wanted to do was prove to my sister, Suzie, that her fiancĂ© was a cheat. I was exhausted from the sex and blowjobs. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to have that much sex but after four straight hours of getting my pussy pounded and drinking about a gallon of cum, I knew different.

“Bambi, you’re going to love what I have planned for you,” Marty said as he drove me to his house. “After I figured out what you were planning to do, I made sure you, well Tom that is, was going to be on the run and no one would be able to find him. I set it up for the firm security to find out that you took the suit and I embezzled a little cash too. In your name of course.”

I looked at Marty as I stammered, “What the fuck? My life is ruined!” I couldn’t help it as I started crying.

“Don’t look at it like that. You’re just starting in a new direction. I needed a new secretary so I already got you set up for that and I have a whole set of identification documents for you. Well, for Bambi,” he laughed.

We pulled into the garage of a very nice home out in the suburbs. “Bambi, you’ll be happy to know you’ll be staying with me. I have a room all set for you. Just remember I have the alarm on in the house at all times so I’ll know if you try to leave.”

I slowly got out of the car, my entire body aching from the ‘exertion’ earlier in the evening. We walked in and Marty told me to sit on the couch. “Bambi, I’m going to let you in on what you’ve gotten yourself into with that bodysuit. It was the only prototype created. It was never patented because the design was sold to the feds for a ton of cash. The only difference is the prototype you are wearing is permanent. And besides that it has some special features included. If you feel right at the base of your hairline in the back you’ll feel a little bump. This is a microprocessor that is now tapped into your spinal cord. It has limited ability but does give you the natural mannerisms of a woman. Just look at how you’re sitting.”

I glanced down and saw I was sitting with my legs crossed like a woman! “Oh fuck,” I groaned. I thought back to my walk into the house. I was swaying my hips and not having any problems walking in five inch heels. I even remembered smoothing my short skirt before I sat down.

Marty continued, “The really fun thing is that the microchip also controls the biomatrix of the suit. Now I don’t understand how it does it but it can make changes to the suit. I have a remote that will allow me to change your bodyshape, hair color, length, skin tone. I can pretty much make you look like any woman I want. But you’ll never be a real man again.”

He must have noticed my disbelief. Even after all that happened, that seemed a bit much.

“Here I’ll show you,” he said as he pulled out some kind of controller. It looked like an iPhone. “Oh it just looks like that so people don’t know what it is.” He punched the pad a couple times. “Ok, now look in the mirror.”

I looked up and gasped as I was now looking at an entirely different woman. I was still wearing the lingerie and sheer shirt they gave me after the party but I looked completely different. I was now staring at a brunette with a little bit darker skin. My makeup was even different. “Oh my god,” I whispered.

Marty stood up and started walking out of the room, “Your bedroom is over there. You’ll find plenty of clothes. I bought them with the money you embezzled.” He started laughing and said, “Oh one other thing. In case you’re wondering why you were so willing to do everything tonight, the chip also stimulated a special area of your brain. You’re now a bit of a nympho. Good night!”

I stood there in shock as it all sank in. I slowly walked to the bedroom and lay down. I just couldn’t handle any more and fell asleep almost instantly.


“Morning sleepyhead.”

I slowly stirred. As I opened my eyes I realized I didn’t recognize the room I was in
. Then I saw a man next to my bed. A naked man. “Shit! Marty!” I said as I popped up. I immediately noticed he had quite the erect cock. I felt a rush of energy through my body as my eyes locked on his dick. I swallowed deeply as I felt urges ramping up from deep inside me.

“Go ahead Bambi, I know this is what you want.”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a new reflection in the mirror. I was again a blonde. Not quite the same as before but still beautiful and ready to fuck. I watched the
woman in the mirror as she slid her hands up her sides, slowly cupping each full breast. I couldn’t help myself as I reached for his cock. He slipped behind me on the bed before I could go down on him, frustrating me and yet horrifying me. I gasped as he roughly grabbed my breasts. Squeezing them almost to the point of pain but only coming through as massive pleasure. I could feel my pussy moistening, responding strongly to his attention to my breasts.

He lay down on the bed, slowly guiding me down his body until I was facing his hard dick. “Get to work Bambi,” he said.

With no hesitation, I leaned in and started licking his cock. I slowly ran my tongue up the underside while I gently tickled his heavy balls. When I got to the head of his dick, I opened wide and engulfed it with my wet mouth. I lowered my head slowly, taking his dick deep into my mouth. It must be a feature of the bodysuit but I had not gag reflex as my lips touched his pelvis. I began to bob faster on his cock, trying to milk the creamy goodness from it.

“Whoa! Slow down Bambi. I need to fuck you first!” Marty said as he pulled me off his dick. I turned around until my slit was hovering over his rigid cock. “Go ahead baby. Sit on me”

I bit my lip as I gently tickled my clit with his love rod. I could feel my first orgasm of the day approaching as Marty bucked his hips, pushing his cock in me a little bit. I couldn’t take it any more and sank onto his hard dick. I immediately began an intense orgasm.

My screams filled the room as I bounced on hi
s hot pole. I could feel my pussy spasm as my body tensed. “Fuck me hard! Make you your whore baby!” I heard myself scream. There was no thought of my life as Tom as Marty sat up, pushing me onto my hands and knees.

Without his cock ever leaving my pussy, Marty began fucking me doggy style. I was rocking back and forth, meeting every one of his thrusts, trying to get his dick deep inside me. “Cum in me! I want you to pump your load deep in me!” I couldn’t stop myself from sounding like some desperate whore.

“Not this time baby,” Marty said as he pulled out of me. “I’m shooting this all over you Bambi.” I fell down from
exhaustion as Marty stroked his dick over me. It only took a couple times and he started shooting his cum on my face and breasts.

I felt myself lay back on the bed as Marty got up. “Don’t lay there too long Bambi. We’re going to the casino later and you better be ready.”

I watched him walk out of my room as I absentmindedly caressed his cum into me. I was overwhelmed with a content feeling. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help but feel very good about what happened.

Then I suddenly remembered how I got here and why. That asshole Brad was still planning on marrying my sister. I only have a week to do something to stop it. My mind was clearing a bit as I tried to think of a plan. But first I better get ready to go out.