Monday, January 19, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong - Pt. 4


I don’t really remember getting home again. It seems I become almost delirious after a lot of sex. I’m not sure but I recall someone, it must have been Marty, getting me ready for bed and then it was all black. I awoke Sunday morning sometime to some noises in the kitchen. I slowly sat up as my senses kicked back in. I didn’t feel too bad considering what I’ve been through. I did notice I seemed to be in a new body again. It seems as though a new body rejuvenates me and I’m good as new.

I gently slipped out of bed and glanced in the mirror to see who I’d become. Staring back at me was a beautiful you blonde. “Marty seems to have a thing for blondes,” I whispered in my sexy voice. “I guess I just as well see what’s going on.”

I left what was becoming my comfort zone and headed into the lion’s den. As I gingerly tiptoed into the kitchen, I saw Marty getting breakfast ready. He turned and dropped his pan as he saw me.

“Shit Bambi!” he exclaimed. “Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

He then gave me the once over. “But looking very fine this morning, I must say,” he said as he smiled at me.

“Bambi, we’re taking it easy today. I think we’ve both earned it. I’m going to make some breakfast and then we’ll be hanging out here. Remember, we both have to go to work tomorrow,” he laughed.

Any joy I might have felt about staying in today evaporated with the thought of going back to my old firm as Marty’s


Marty must have noticed this, “Hey babe, don’t worry. It’s not like anyone is going to recognize you. Brad and me are the only ones who know about you. I have to keep an eye on you somehow. This just seemed like the best way.”

“I know that but this is just so wrong. I don’t deserve this,” I quietly said as I sat down.

“You’re the one who got into this mess. Using a bodysuit you don’t know anything about. You could always just tell Suzie what happened,” Marty said. “Oh and I can get her copies of the pictures too.”

I cringed at the thought of my family seeing what I’d become. There must still be a way to get myself out of this and get back at Brad. I just picked at the breakfast Marty gave me as I tried to come up with a way out of this mess.

Marty got up and started picking up the dishes, “We’re just going to watch some movies this afternoon. Why don’t you go change into the outfit I laid out for you and come back into the living room.”

I didn’t say anything. I just got up and went to see what he’d picked out. Something sexy I’m sure. I got to my bedroom and sure enough there was a sexy lingerie set laid out for me. A hot little number consisting of black panties, black garter belt, a little sheer skirt and black stockings with a hot pink bustier to go with it. Oh and some sexy stilettos to go with it. I just sighed as I got dressed. No use making a bit deal about it. At least we weren’t going anywhere.

When I made it back to the living room, Marty had the lights dimmed and the movie ready to go. “Oh I really like that. Come here sexy and sit next to me,” he laughed. I quickly walked over and sat gently down next to him on the couch.

“What are we watching?” I offered.

“I want a bit of action and body parts flying so it’s the classic ‘Full Metal Jacket’ for us today baby.”

I thought with the way he had me dressed it would be something romantic and he’d end up fucking me all afternoon. I breathed a sigh of relief. “Maybe not. At least I like that movie too.”

After the movie started, I kind of snuggled up to Marty without thinking. It’s a violent movie and in my current state seemed pretty natural. I was actually enjoying our time together. Then the movie got to the point where the soldiers were going to the Vietnamese prostitutes. I felt a tingle go through my body and thought, “Oh no! Now what?”

I looked up at Marty, “Rut are ru dooring?” My hand shot to my mouth “What the fuck?” I thought. “Maree me no ronger speak Engrish good!” I exclaimed with a horrendous Asian accent.

“But the rest of you is looking very good,” Marty said as he checked out my new form.

I stood and looked into the mirror across the room. I was no longer the sexy blonde. He had transformed me into a very hot Asian woman.

Marty stood next to me and began to kiss my neck. “Maree! Wry are ru dooring wris?” I demanded.

“Come on baby, I just want you to love me long time,” he laughed as he started pushing my top down.

“Me ruv you rong time?” I repeated as once again my body started reacting. Resisting any attempts on my part to keep control, my breathing became more intense as Marty worked his way down my body. He then slowly pushed my head down. My body was in control as my little hands opened his pants and pulled out his monster cock.

“Me suck ru rong time,” I whispered as I lowered my mouth to his fat dick. I quickly slipped his penis into my wet mouth.

It seemed as though the more dick I sucked the easier it became. I didn’t even think about it as I bobbed up and down, actually savoring the pungent taste of his precum.

I could feel his dick tense up a bit. “Mmmm, not much more and I can drink his cum,” I smiled, doubling my efforts.

“Hang on there Bambi. I want to fuck your Asian pussy too!”

I was disappointed as he pulled his cock from my mouth and sat down on the couch. Without any prompting by Marty, I straddled his cock and slowly lowered myself. The immediate pleasure of his dick parting my lips sent me over the edge. I couldn’t take it as I began to orgasm. My legs lost their strength as I dropped down on his thick cock. The sudden fullness caused my orgasm to start anew as Marty began to thrust repeatedly. He grabbed my hips and helped me bounce on his lovepole.

“Fook me hard Maree!” I heard myself scream. “Crum in me! Fook harder!” I had lost complete control over myself. I was the Vietnamese whore from the movie. All I could think was to get Marty to cum in me. I wanted his cum more than anything I’d ever wanted before.

Marty grabbed my hips and rolled me to my side. He continued to pound me deep and hard from behind. “Fook Fook Fook!” was all I could hear myself saying.

“Bambi, I’m going to cum in you deep baby!” Marty whispered in my ear.

“Prease Maree, Prease crum in me!” I gasped as another orgasm struck me.

I heard a grunt from Marty and I felt his cock spasm deep in me. I clamped down on him as my pussy tried to milk every last drop from his hard dick.

We lay there for a minute as we caught our breath. “Rank ru, Maree. Me ruv ru rong time,” I giggled.

“No thank you baby,” he said as he slipped his limp cock from me. “I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see you in a bit.” He then got up and left the room, taking the control with him.

I continued to lie on the couch, gently caressing my nipple, not really thinking of anything when I bolted upright.

“What the fuck just happened?” my mind screamed. “He just fucked the hell out of me and I thanked him? Oh god what’s happening to me?” My mind raced as I thought back to our encounter. I remember actually wanting him to fuck me and thinking that I wanted to taste his cum.

“I’m becoming Bambi and I can’t stop it,” I whispered as a tear slid down my cheek.

I slowly stood and started walking numbly back to my room. I had made it about ten steps when I felt myself change again.

I heard Marty yell from his room, “There you go! Now get used to it. That’s how you’re going to work tomorrow!”

I quickly ran to my room to see who I was now.


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