Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong - Part 3


I must have fallen asleep for a little bit. The next thing I remember was Marty coming into the room waking me up. “Come on Bambi, get your ass in gear! Tonight’s casino night and you’re coming with.”

“Marty, do I have to go? Haven’t you punished me enough.” I couldn’t help myself and I started to cry. I was very surprised when Marty sat down next to me an actually comforted me.

“Bambi, I know you’ve had a pretty rough couple days. This is just something the guys do every week. You’re just a little bit of a bonus. I promise you will enjoy yourself. You’re going to be around here for a long time so I want you to be happy too.”

I was a bit stunned with this unexpected display of kindness from Marty. He always seemed like a cool guy at work even though I didn’t hang out with his crowd. Or I guess Tom didn’t hang out with him. I got myself to stop crying and stood up when I had a thought, “Maybe I can try using him to get back at Brad. I’ve seen women get a man under her control before, maybe I can get him to actually fall for me.” A smile crossed my face as I looked at Marty. “Ok, what do you want me to wear tonight honey?”

Marty smiled back and said, “You’re going to be working one of the tables for me. It’s a private table in the back of a members only casino. Some of my buddies do this as a little side business. Not really legal but it brings in a lot of cash. You’re going to be a little bonus for one lucky high roller tonight.”

I kept smiling as I shuddered inside. “God he’s going to treat me like a whore again. Just remember Suzie,” I thought.

“Here’s a little dealers outfit for you. Hurry up and change. We’re leaving soon.” Marty pulled out the control, “Oh and I think red tonight.” He pushed a couple buttons and I felt little changes all over my body. With that he left the room.

I walked into the bathroom to get ready and was surprised to see a stunning redhead staring back at me. I just couldn’t get over how easy it is to completely change me. After a couple minutes staring at myself I realized I need to get moving and quickly changed into the cute dealer outfit.

“It’s about time. But you do look very nice,” Marty said. “Let’s get in the car. We’re running late.”

As we walked out to his car, I was very aware of every click of my heels and the sexy sway of my hips. I couldn’t stop acting like this even if I tried. When he opened the door for me, I backed into the seat and swung my legs in like I’d been a woman forever. Amazing.

“When we get there, I’m going to drop you off at the back and Tony will escort you to your room. Just stay in there until someone comes in for a game.”

“But I don’t know how to deal cards,” I said.

Marty just laughed, “I don’t thing that’s going to be a problem!”

Marty pulled up to a plain steel door behind a brick building. A very large man opened it and escorted me inside. I followed him to another plain door. He led me through into a room that was set up for some kind of gambling. I really didn’t know what game it was, I had never been a gambler. “Sit your cute ass down baby. Just wait for the gents to come in.”

With that Tony left and I was alone in the room. I took a deep breath and repeated in my head, “Suzie. This is about Suzie.”

There were no clocks in the room so I had no idea how long it had been when a man finally came through the door.

“I’m here about a private game,” he said as he sat a drink down on the table. “A little drink first, honey?”

“Thank you sir,” I said politely. I took the glass and quickly drained it.

“Ah, I like ones that can knock one back,” he laughed. “Now let’s see what we’re ‘dealing’ with.”

The man circled behind me as I slowly stripped off my white shirt. My red bustier had nothing covering my breasts and they were exposed for him. He knelt down behind me and tugged at my black skirt. “Very nice. Very nice indeed,” he whispered.

I could feel my body starting to quickly heat up from the man touching me. My breath quickened as his hands caressed by body. He stood again, reaching around me and roughly squeezing my nipples. I tried to hold back but I could already feel an orgasm coming on fast. This body was just made for sex and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He spun me around and gave me a hard kiss. I was actually shocked by the kiss. I realized that even though I had been fucked over and over, no one has actually kissed me. I quickly returned the kiss as a ferocious passion took over my body. Our tongues were soon dancing inside my mouth. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I grabbed the man’s head to kiss him harder. He eventually broke the kiss, “Baby let’s get this going. I’ve been lucky all night. Now it’s your turn.”

He easily picked me up and put me on the roulette table. I quickly unbuckled his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. I looked up at him as I licked the head of his penis. A smile crossed his face as I dove down on his love pole. I was so taken by sucking on his dick that I jumped when I felt his hand on my ass. He had leaned over me and was now gently slipping his finger into my wet pussy. I paused for a second and groaned as his finger launched me into my first orgasm of the evening.

“Marty said you were a hot one but damn, this is crazy!” he said. “Now it’s my turn.”

With that he turned me around and laid me on my back on the table. I watched intently as he lined up his fat dick with me and slowly pushed. A loud moan filled the room as the head of his penis popped into me. I was shocked to realize how much I missed the full feeling of having a cock in me. I found myself scooting down the table towards him to get it in faster.

“Whoa baby! Just hang on, I got it,” he laughed.

He grabbed my knees and spread me wide as he rammed his dick deep into me. I felt my pussy grasp his cock as I had another orgasm, intense waves of pleasure washing over my body.

“Get ready baby, I’ve got a full load ready for you!” he shouted.

The pounding increased in intensity and I could tell by his face he was ready to cum. I could feel his dick inside me contracting as he began to pump his cum deep in my pussy. The strange and wonderful feeling of being filled caused another orgasm in me. He must have been saving it up because he came and came in me.

I finally slumped on the table, limp from the workout. He just stood there for a minute as I felt his dick retreating. I felt the emptiness return as his limp cock slipped from my full pussy. I was soon aware of the foreign feeling of cum dripping from me.

He quickly put his clothes on. “Oh I definitely hit the jackpot with you. I can’t wait for next time!” he said as he walked out.

I was quite tired and must have fallen asleep. I recall being carried, something in a car and then I was in bed. It was pretty much a blur.