Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong

My sister was getting married and her future husband, Brad, was throwing a bachelor party. Now I love my sister but Brad was a big ass and I didn’t want him marrying my sister. I always suspected he was messing around on her but couldn’t prove it.
I worked for a law firm that did a lot of patent work. We would get a lot of sample products to demonstrate how they work. The most recent one was some kind of very realistic bodysuit that supposedly would make you look like a woman. I thought this would be perfect to get the evidence I needed for my sister to see the cheat she was marrying.
The Friday of the party, I slipped the bodysuit out of work and got it home to try on. I was amazed when I slipped into it. My body was totally molded into the hot body of a gorgeous blonde! I could even feel all my body parts like they were real!
I knew Brad was getting some stripper for his party. I called the agency and cancelled his order and headed out the door to become the entertainment.

“Well it’s about time!” Brad said as I walked in, “Wow you are fucking perfect though. Well worth the wait. Pull up your shirt and lets get started!” “Yes, sir.” I answered without thinking. “Now where did that come from?” I thought.
“Hey guys the stripper’s here! Hey Andy get off there!” He yelled. I sexily walked into the room. “Wow, they even have a stage set up.” I thought as I saw one of the guys playing around on its mirrored surface. I knew I had to play the stripper role right or I won’t get the evidence I needed.

“You boys have anything that might get me motivated?” I asked as I reached up to rub Andy’s dick. I was thinking a little alcohol would help me relax a bit. “Here try this sexy.” Brad said as he popped a couple pills into my mouth and had me wash it down with some whiskey. I shook my head, “Whoa! What were those?” “Just a little X to help out.” He laughed.
“Oh shit what the hell am I doing?” I thought. I turned back to the stage and saw that Andy had pulled his dick out of his pants. “Get up there bitch.” Brad ordered. I climbed up onto the stage and Brad followed. Andy put his hands on my shoulders and started to push down, “On your knees baby.” My mind was racing, trying to figure out what was happening. I was doing whatever they wanted and not resisting. It all seemed like it was in slow motion as I slowly sunk to my knees. I was a little disoriented by a lot of flashes and noticed another man with a video camera.
I got to my knees and turned my head away from Andy only to have Brad’s fat dick hit me in the cheek. “Come on baby suck it. It’s my last night of freedom. Not that marriage is going to stop me from fucking around.” He laughed as he pushed his cock into my mouth. Without thinking, I reached up and started stroking Andy’s dick too.

“My turn baby.” Andy said as he pulled me over to his hard dick. “Yeah, suck his cock slut. I’m going to get me some of your sweet ass.” Brad said as he pulled his dick out of my mouth. He pulled me to the side of the stage and had me get down and stand next to it. Andy’s cock was at a perfect height and I leaned over to start on his dick without being told. “Stop it! What the fuck are you doing?” my mind screamed. I was trying to stop myself but seemed to be putty in their hands. My body was beginning to betray me as I felt my fake pussy start to get wet and I started moaning like a whore in heat. “Here I come baby!” Brad yelled as
I felt his stiff cock begin to penetrate me.
“Oh AHhhhh OH OH!” I felt myself start to orgasm as Brad really started to pound my pussy. I couldn’t understand how it was possible that I could be feeling this. The suit was realistic but this was REAL! As I started to come down from my orgasm I was able to focus a little. I could hear myself panting and moaning as Brad continued to fuck me and could feel Andy getting ready to come in my mouth. “Take it slut!” he yelled as he started to shoot deep into my throat. I easily swallowed it all.
I pulled off Andy’s dick and looked around at the other guys there. “OH FUCK!” I thought, “That’s Marty!” Marty was an attorney in our office. He must have seen me looking at him and he winked at me. Brad slapped my ass and brought me back to the pounding I was receiving from him. “Here I cum bitch!” he yelled as I felt his cock start pulsating in my now loose pussy. I was suddenly moaning as my body was racked by another orgasm.
“Marty get over here and fuck this slut!” Brad said as he slipped his softening cock from my
dripping pussy. Marty got up on stage and laid down as I was pulled over him. I looked down and saw his fat dick sticking straight up, aimed right at my ready pussy. Without even thinking, I slowly lowered myself down on him. The feeling of being filled again was too much for me as I began to orgasm again. I kept going, enveloping his cock with my willing pussy. I soon was resting on his pelvis, his big dick completely filling me. “Get off him!” my mind ordered but my body wasn’t listening as I started bouncing up and down on Marty.
I realized I had my eyes closed and quickly opened them. I was surrounded my dicks as another was shoved into my mouth. I started bobbing my head vigorously on it as the other cocks floated around my head. I could still see flashes going off as Marty started cumming in me too.
“On you knees again slut!” Brad ordered. I quickly slipped Marty’s dick out of me and did as Brad said. I was circled again by a bunch of dicks. Brad was jacking off in front of me as I opened my mouth, ready to catch his hot cum. “By the way Tom,” Brad said as I gasped, “I knew you were planning on doing this. Marty tipped me off and let me in on a little secret. The bodysuit is actually one that wasn’t ever going to be manufactured. The government wouldn’t approve it because it’s not temporary.” I quickly looked up at Brad, “WHAT?” “That’s right. You’re going to be a woman from now on. And we recorded this whole thing you fucking slut!” Brad started laughing as he
shot his cum all over my face.
“You are going to be our fuck slut unless you want your sister to know what you’ve become. Your family will know too. Marty has already replaced Tom with Bambi at work. Bambi, you’ll be staying with Marty but I get to fuck you whenever your sister has a headache.” I felt the tears well up on my eyes as I felt the next guy slip his dick into my pussy from behind.